Clip A Clip

Our video Design Editing services

Discover the many areas of design & editing that Clip A Clip can provide:


Interviews, Promotional, Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Tourism, Team Events, Industrial Production, Catering, Training, Real Estate, Political Campaigns, Relaxation videos


Weddings. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, Receptions, Vacation & Holiday Memories, Baby Celebrations, Family History, Retirement, Graduation Ceremony

Create Your Video From Your Own Personal Photos & Videos

Our in-house media team are ready to work with you to capture your memories into a beautiful video, re-living each moment with family & friends!

Sensory Videos

Specialty sensory videos with colors, movement and music, aimed at helping children, adults & pets to relax.

Bands & Musicians

Music Video Promotion Trailers

Public Service Announcements/ Conceptual Design & Editing

Health, Social Issues, Charities, Education

Create Original Musical Soundtracks

Our in-house songwriting team can create your original soundtrack with music & sound design, licensed to you directly for your video creation, uniquely yours that no one else has. It’s a great idea for weddings, anniversaries & special events.

Accurate Subtitles

We can translate your video into 4 different languages:

English, Spanish, French & German. No Google Translator used.